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Executive MindWP


With knowledge forged at elite Canadian business schools, we instruct your leaders and executives to replace outdated thinking patterns, anticipate opportunities more clearly, deliver high-performance, break down silos and remove biases, fear (territorialism) and groupthink while injecting authenticity, emotional stability and creativity into their leadership.  

Specifically, your leaders learn how to:

  • Function beyond existing borders, boundaries and collaboratively

  • Explicitly recognize the impact of decisions across departments

  • Cultivate resilience by anticipating, planning for and adjusting to change

  • Cultivate inclusion and collective intelligence

  • Make intentions clear and explicit

  • Political and situational awareness

Uniquely derived from what is relevant to your executives, Mindful Gateway’s customized Executive Development training approach ensures your executive training doesn’t come from a book or a course pack.  No other training or coaching organization in Canada has the intellectual capital, rigour or the workplace mindfulness experience to do what we do.

Client Testimonial

I took away most the active listening - the ability to connect with others and how to loop back and feed a healthy conversation...I feel I have the training to start doing it on my own. That’s definitely valuable for me on a work basis, on a personal basis and relationship basis, and I think it’s going to affect alot of the things I do.”
— Participant, User Interaction Designer

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