Financial Institution: Engagement, Productivity & Efficacy


A leading Financial Institutions' (FI) Risk Management & Contact Centre division commissioned MGC to provide a series of workplace mindfulness training programs to enhance workplace engagement, productivity and efficacy aligned with their KPI's. Custom designed seven-week programs with 90-minute weekly training sessions were delivered 2015-2018 to 82 employees.  92% of participants indicated that they would recommend the course to others at the FI and 100% of participants agreed that attending the course was a good use of their time. Importantly, all participants indicated that they could apply the learning from the course to their work. Top outcomes (50-90% of employees listed) included increased productivity, greater engagement, improvement in working relationships and an increase in productivity/efficiency.  92% of participants felt greater self-awareness and greater personal well-being to be the top outcomes expected as a result of applying the learning.