Jay Vidyarthi, MSc

Corporate Trainer

Jay Vidyarthi has been practicing mindfulness for over 10 years. He has completed many regular extended retreats in both traditional and science-based approaches. His experience includes 2 months of intensive residential training in a monastic setting, a week-long interdisciplinary intensive with the Mind & Life Institute, and facilitator training with Unified Mindfulness.

Jay also works as a strategic designer with a focus on mindfulness, mental health, and well-being. He led UX to startup Muse: the brain-sensing headband, a category leader in transformative technology. He’s been involved in creating influential technologies with Dr. Richard Davidson and his team at Healthy Minds Innovations, Brightmind, Character Lab, Retreat Guru, and many more. As the inventor of Sonic Cradle, Jay authored a number of early influential academic publications about mindful technology.

Top-tier press and influencer lists have consistently recognized Jay’s work (Forbes, TransTech200, Fast Company...), and he’s delivered 40+ speaking/teaching engagements around the world (MIT, Harvard, CHI, DIS…). He also helped create the annual A Mindful Society conference which draws hundreds of leaders bringing mindfulness and compassion into healthcare, education, government, tech, and organizations.
You can learn more about his work at www.jayvidyarthi.com or follow his writing at www.attentionactivist.com.

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