Overview of our Resilience, Talent and Executive Training Programs.


Mindful Gateway believes your workplace can be a place to thrive and develop as a human.

We teach and research our programs in a variety of sectors including, finance, healthcare, education, and technology.  Executives, development teams, engineering teams, leadership teams, front-line staff, and contact centre teams are working with our training programs.

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Our programs


For Companies

We partner with you to support your resilience and mental health, talent development and executive training initiatives with research-based solutions.


For Individuals

100% workplace relevant, practical and proven training curriculum delivered by certified facilitators. Web-access to a digital web-portal repository of English and French guided practice resources.


For Community 

The A Mindful Society Conference, Canada’s premier professional development conference in mindfulness, is Mindful Gateway’s sister social enterprise where our clients come together at events throughout the year to access emerging trends, initiatives and innovations.  Click here for more information.


Thriving Minds at WorkWP

Sustain personal resilience to cope better with adversity.


Team Mind at WorkWP & Self Care to Client CareWP

Develop the skills that improve teamwork and boost your customer experience. 


Executive MindWP

Build the leadership capacity that embodies disruptive executive thinking, decision making and compassion.

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