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Thriving Minds At Work WP


An evidence-based program,  delivered by Mindful Gateway to thousands of employees in high-stress environments, has been proven to decrease stress, enhance mindfulness and develop the ability for self-care and resilience at work.  Our mental health professionals teach the skills your people need to better regulate their emotions, attention, stress, anxiety and burnout. This experiential program is no ordinary concept-based mental-health training; it is explicitly designed to develop the professional skills your employees need most to sustain in challenging environments.  

In addition to new skills development benefits, organizations Mindful Gateway has worked with gained a return on investment through lowered overall employee healthcare costs and reduced employee return to work program costs. Further savings have been attributed to the reduction in recruitment and training costs because of improved worker retention and engagement levels.

Participant Testimonial

It’s important to bring everyone together and not just discuss work all the time and experience something calming together. I think sharing gratitude is nice because everyone is so busy you just tend to focus on what’s not getting done which isn’t good. It’s nice to call attention, on top of what i’ve been doing day to day, what else we’re doing for the team.
— Participant

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