UHN: Executive Effectiveness & Resilience


University Health Network (UHN) is an award-winning network of hospitals within the downtown core of Toronto with over 15,000 employees. In 2016, UHN's Executive Advisory Committee (EAC) of the Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) constituting of UHN Chiefs of Staff and Executive Committee members sought a comprehensive leadership training to optimize effectiveness, cultivate resilience and facilitate team formation and collaboration within the LMP-EAC team. LMP is the most successful and fastest growing division at UHN. Post-training assessment elicited successful increases in leadership key performance indicators with the EAC. Highest professional outcomes included: 89% increase in leadership effectiveness, 89% improved working relationships, and 67% increased workplace engagement. Highest individual outcomes included: 100% increased interpersonal effectiveness, 92% increased well-being and 78% increased self-awareness. At 10 months post-training follow-up the EAC continues to utilize practices daily both professionally and personally. MGC has trained 637 UHN employees in mindfulness and resilience over the span of 5 years.



Rachel Whitty, RPh, BScPhm, ACPR, Manager, Medical Quality Assurance

Michele Henry, Senior Director, Laboratory Medicine Program