Workplace mindfulness is the basic human ability of an individual, team and organization to:

  • focus and be aware,

  • gain perspective,

  • respond with clarity with what is needed in the moment.

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The Modern Workplace Challenge.

Mindful Gateway believes the widespread lack of understanding about how the mind functions is perpetuating the current workplace public health crisis.

According to The Economist, US workplace stress is affecting the mental and behavioural health of 63% of workers, and The Conference Board of Canada estimates that depression costs the Canadian economy at least $32.3 billion annually, while anxiety costs another $17.3 billion per year.  As a result, organizations are dealing with stress, burnout, attention and focus deficits, sleep disorders, creativity gaps, disengagement, lack of compassion and uncertainty.


Research is showing that when workers engage in mindfulness practices to counter the effects of significant mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, they also strengthen their ability to be more resilient and productive.  Resilience provides for a range of benefits including; improved decision-making, engagement, compassion and self-regulation of emotion, attention, and stress.

In 2017,  US-based organizations spent $93.6 billion on traditional talent development initiatives such as process-based improvements, strategic planning and change management. Expenditures like this prove organizations invest in the development of their workers.  However, resilience and other experiential mindfulness training is sometimes seen as "nice-to-have" and not an essential strategy for people development. This belief is no longer valid. Mindfulness is being promoted by leading academic institutions and Fortune 100 companies as the critical skill required by workers to sustain and thrive in the modern workplace.  Science supports this as over 6500 research studies have examined the impact of mindfulness.

Experiential workplace mindfulness training based in science creates and sustains behaviour change. Mindful Gateway is the leader in this type of training in Canada, and it powers our resilience, talent and executive development expertise and solutions.  


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