Case Study

Myplanet: Rapid Growth, Retention, and Sustainability



Myplanet is a rapid growth digital service B-Corporation with 120 employees. In 2010, Myplanet engaged MGC to deliver a program to bring mindfulness into the workplace culture with a primary focus on enhancing engagement and resilience within a largely millenial tech workfoce. Corporate culture was a key strategic focus to support in recruitment, employee retention and engagement of millennial workplace demographics. Through 2010-2018 MGC provided and continues to provide a range of training programs integrating mindfulness into the company culture, supporting corporate values and KPI's. Programs assessments show an increase in competency in effective communication, leadership and well-being. Team survey assessments (Team Emotional & Social Intelligence Survey 2012-2015) show increasing trends in collaboration competencies. HR team program evaluation showed a positive correlation with mindfulness training and employee retention. Employees with high engagement (attendance) of mindfulness training produced a lower risk of turnover indicating a $2,748.52 value for mindfulness training per employee. Organizationally, this initiative has developed a company-wide awareness of the role of the mind at work and a vocabulary around emotional and social skills.